June 2024 Third PDI Competition

June 2024 3rd PDI Competition

June is already upon us and we have recently experienced a mini heat wave after some un-seasonally cold weather and things are starting to warm up for the Outlaws as they are now midway in their digital competition year.  Malcolm Nabarro currently leads with 213 points, which is 6 points clear of second place Andy Gibbons, then the pack follows with only 1 or 2 points separating the next eight contenders, a very close competition and a further two DPI’s to follow in August & October.

This month as per usual had two categories one being an “Open” where members can submit images of their choice across a whole gambit of photographic genres, the other being the “Theme”, which was “Motion Blur”. There were thirty-three entries in the Open category and thirty-one in the themed competition.

The judge for the evening was Robert Falconer from Chesterfield someone who has visited the club recently on a number of occasions both as a judge and guest presenter.

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Just Announced; Competition Themes for 2025

The following themes have been chosen and allocated to the NOPS competition calendar year for 2025

February (PDI) Steps

March (Print). Black & White

April (PDI). Wheels

May (Print) Framing

June (PDI) Abandoned Buildings

July (Print) Repetition

August (PDI) Metal

September (Print) Urban

October (PDI) Alley Ways

November (Print) Shape & Form

May 2024 Second Print Competition

We were heading towards the end of May and the weather had been somewhat disappointing for late spring, but moods and expectations were about to be lifted as the excitement of the second print competition was about to get under way this Thursday evening.

The judge for the evening was Dave Hollingsworth (Arnold & District Camera Club) who the Outlaws had met on previous competition evenings. Dave started off the evening by introducing himself and saying a few words about his style of judging. He mentioned that judging photographic images was very subjective and his opinion was not to be taken as the be all and end all, but he would offer detailed critique in a positive manner. Dave also mentioned size and scale, sharpness and detail as points he would look for and he often commented on the proportion of skies appropriate in an image.

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A Tribute to Paul Summers

A Tribute To Paul Summers

Paul Summers was a talented photographer and valued member of Nottingham Outlaws. He was an enthusiastic landscape photographer and in later years explored shooting infrared photographs and producing fabulous images as slides, prints and digital images.

Paul frequently joined the club on the annual trip (KitKat) to a UK location and could always be relied upon to find the best place for us all to enjoy breakfast together.

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Northern Lights over Lambley Airfield and Plowman’s Woods

After over a year of trying, one of our member, Nick Pearce, finally saw the Northern Lights.

Previous attempts had meant standing near Dunstanburgh Castle in the North East for 4 hours or in the Vale of Belvoir for several hours. Alerted during Friday 10th May by a fellow member Nick headed to a spot above Lambley village in search of darkness. Finally at about 11pm the show started, not in the North as expected but the East. The stunning display continued for over an hour and a half. It included the traditional green colours but a spectacular arc of pink and red from East to West with a dazzling display directly overhead.

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