June 2024 Third PDI Competition

June 2024 3rd PDI Competition

June is already upon us and we have recently experienced a mini heat wave after some un-seasonally cold weather and things are starting to warm up for the Outlaws as they are now midway in their digital competition year.  Malcolm Nabarro currently leads with 213 points, which is 6 points clear of second place Andy Gibbons, then the pack follows with only 1 or 2 points separating the next eight contenders, a very close competition and a further two DPI’s to follow in August & October.

This month as per usual had two categories one being an “Open” where members can submit images of their choice across a whole gambit of photographic genres, the other being the “Theme”, which was “Motion Blur”. There were thirty-three entries in the Open category and thirty-one in the themed competition.

The judge for the evening was Robert Falconer from Chesterfield someone who has visited the club recently on a number of occasions both as a judge and guest presenter.

As is usual the Open competition attracted many genres of photography from architectural, nature, sport, abstract, portrait, nature through to composite images. The themed competition equally had a wide variety of images (one or two of the entrants choose the same subject matter of fair grounds) the quality was excellent and Robert gave detailed critique across all genres before scoring the images presented to him.

Theme Motion Blur

The Themed PDI also had a wide variety of images and Robert said he would be holding many of them back for a second look, in all that amounted to eleven images a number that Robert said often seemed to be replicated! 

Robert gave detailed critique and offered comments where he considered images could be improved, if the authors wished to do so. Finally, he picked a winner and that was awarded to Steve Roper with his image entitled “Spin Drying”

Place winning themed image here

Themed winning image “Spin Drying” by Steve Roper

Chris Houldsworth, Sea Stack, Sue Jackson, All The Fun Of The Fair, Malcolm Nabarro, Speed, Nigel Stewart, The Power Express, all scoring 17 points. Andy Gibbons, Practice, Practice, Practice, Chris Houldsworth, Kvernufoss, Lester Woodward, Dancing Voile, all scoring 18 points. Malcolm Nabarro, Red Dodgems, Steve Roper, Surf Rider and Lois Webb, Greens Windmill, all scored 19 points. The winner with 20 points was Steve Roper with Spin Drying – congratulations go to Steve.

Open category

In the open category thirteen images were held back for final judging.

Open Winning Image “Beach Racer” by Nigel Stewart

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Ray Andrews, Thames Barrier, Chris Houldsworth, Ice Rocks On Diamond Beach, Sue Jackson, Flying High, Tabby, Morning At BOL, Lois Webb, Corner Chase, Lois Webb, Monstrosity, all scored 17 points. Christine Gaukroger, Beeston Street Art – War, Andy Gibbons, St Pancras Interchange, Chris Houldsworth, The Chosen One, all scoring 18 points. Malcolm Nabarro, Six Legs, Steve Roper, Bengal Tiger, Lester Woodward, Red Soldier Beetle, all scoring 19 points. The Open winner was Nigel Stewart with Beach Racer which scored 20 points – congratulations to Nigel.

The Outlaws would like to thank Robert for providing everyone who entered with a constructive set of comments and appreciation of their works and his offer of encouragement to utilise the colour Red in their images wherever possible 🙂 

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