May 2024 Second Print Competition

We were heading towards the end of May and the weather had been somewhat disappointing for late spring, but moods and expectations were about to be lifted as the excitement of the second print competition was about to get under way this Thursday evening.

The judge for the evening was Dave Hollingsworth (Arnold & District Camera Club) who the Outlaws had met on previous competition evenings. Dave started off the evening by introducing himself and saying a few words about his style of judging. He mentioned that judging photographic images was very subjective and his opinion was not to be taken as the be all and end all, but he would offer detailed critique in a positive manner. Dave also mentioned size and scale, sharpness and detail as points he would look for and he often commented on the proportion of skies appropriate in an image.

The theme for May’s competition was Long Exposure and there was also the standard Open category too. There were twenty-one entries in both sections from seven entrants.

Dave praised the standard of prints produced and gave detailed critique before scoring each individual image. He again stated that the quality of the prints submitted was exemplary, fine praise indeed for the Outlaws.

On the evening in the themed category nine prints were held back for final judging and the winning print was Lester Woodward’s (CPAGB) “Rings of Fire” 

Theme Long Exposure

The theme contained images of water flows, hoops of fire, landscapes, dominoes and architecture to name but a few.

Lester Woodward’s winning image; RINGS OF FIRE

The scores were as follows, 

Ray Andrews, BUCHAILLE ETIVE MOR, Nigel Stewart, THE RUINS OF DUNSTANBURGH CASTLE, Brian Thorley, ALL FALL DOWM, Lois Webb, ANOTHER PLACE AND TIME, all scoring eighteen points. Nigel Stewart, THE GROYNES OF SPURN POINT, Lois Webb, CIRCLE OF FIRE, Lester Woodward, KYOTO TOWER BLUE HOUR, all scored nineteen points. Two images scored twenty points and they were, Chris Houldsworth’s, LLOYDS ELEVATORS and Lester Woodward’s RINGS OF FIRE.

The winner was Lester Woodward with his entry, RINGS OF FIRE.


In the open category ten images were held back for a second viewing and Dave did mention that he had been intending to hold back approximately five images, but the standard was so good he had no choice but to review ten. The held images and final scores were as follows;

Nigel Stewart’s Winning image; WAXWING WITH RED BERRY

Ray Andrews, THE TRANSPORTER, Chris Houldsworth, BASILICA DOME SIRACUSA, Nigel Stewart, JETCAR SANDSTORM, and Lester Woodward, ELEGANT SLUMMING all scoring eighteen points. Chris Houldsworth, SKOGAFOSS, Lois Webb, SAY CHEESE, and Lester Woodward, TOTAL EFFORT all scoring 19 points. Twenty points was awarded to, Nigel Stewart, WAXWING WITH RED BERRY, Lois Webb, OVERLOADED, Lester Woodward, SHY NICOLE. 

The win was awarded to Nigel Stewart with his image titled, WAXWING WITH RED BERRY.   

The Outlaws would like to thank Dave for his constructive comments, detailed examination of the prints and providing everyone who entered with positive critique and appreciation of their printed images.

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