Q. I’m new to Photography and my camera is very basic, is this a problem?

A.  No, all you need to become a member is an interest in photography and a determination to improve.  All cameras can take good photographs, it’s the person behind it that counts. You will find as you progress that more basic cameras can limit your potential, and in some respects this is true, however we urge you to develop as a creative photographer before you invest hard earned money in new equipment. The old saying goes ‘ The best Camera is the one you have with you’.


Q. How will joining the club improve my photography?

A.  We run many competitions throughout the year and this is probably the best way to improve.  By listening to the judges comments and seeing the work of other club members you will find an improvement.  All our judges are trained to federation standards, so they know what they are talking about. The critique your pictures will receive will be constructive, they’ll just say what they think is wrong (and what’s right) with your pictures, and often suggest things that may help you improve.
Also mixing with other photographers helps; if you’ve got a problem one of us will probably be able to help.  We also regularly feature lectures on various aspects of photography.


Q. Won’t members laugh at my pictures or equipment?

A.  Not in the Outlaws they won’t!  Nobody was born knowing how to take good pictures, everyone has to learn, and also not everyone can afford the best equipment available.  As mentioned above, the secret is getting the best out of what you have, we can help you achieve that, you just need the will to get there.


Q. I’ve been told that Camera clubs are elitist and are only really interested in the best photographers.

A.  I’m afraid some clubs can be like this. Our club does not fall into that category.  We are a friendly group and are interested in attracting anyone who’s keen on photography as a hobby, no matter what their level of expertise.


Q.  I’m not a beginner; in fact I’m a fairly experienced photographer why should I join?

A.  Mixing with people with similar interests and maybe passing on your expertise will be quite satisfying for most people.  Also we enter many external competitions, which means competing against some of the best photographers in the region, and this can be a real eye opener.  We also exhibit our work in many locations throughout the region. We are members of  NEMPF (North and East Midlands Photographic Federation), this membership also ties us to the PAGB (Photographic Alliance of Great Britain) so our work can go national and international by entering these federation competitions. We have something to offer all levels of expertise, and we also hope that you will impart your knowledge to our membership, it is very much a two way partnership.


Q. I’m a bit worried about coming to the club on my own the first few times

A.  We are a friendly club, who don’t always take ourselves very seriously.  We make a point of making new members feel welcome and make sure that they have someone to talk to and sit with if they’re on their own.  We have several female members who will make sure that ladies are made to feel comfortable, I can assure you that you will be made welcome, and hopefully want to return.


Q.  I’m not sure where the club is and I’m worried about getting lost.

A.  If you phone or email ahead of coming to a meeting, one of us would be more than happy to meet you somewhere (outside in the car park for example) and show you exactly where we are.