Club History

Pre-2012 Nottingham Outlaws Logo

The Nottingham Outlaws Photographic Society


Formed in October 1986, the constitution and competition rules were drafted during a series of informal meetings held at the Anchor Inn at Gunthorpe in Nottinghamshire.


NOPS held its inaugural meeting in January of 1987 at the Flying Horse on Front Street in Arnold.

The founder members of this new society were David Cawthan (Our first Treasurer, an inspirational character whose name is still carried in an annual memorial competition following his untimely death in 1995), Ken Monkhouse (Our first Chairperson, who sadly died in 2012) and Steve Roper CPAGB (the NOPS instigator, first Secretary and now honorary lifetime President).

The outlining ideals of the founders were to bring photography to a wider section of people, and a more practical and friendly approach to the club scene.

Decisions were taken to have:-

  • Monthly competitions, in print and slide (now updated to “projected image”) mediums. Points gained would be collated in separate league tables, with annual winners. The winners would be accredited with the title of “Outlaw of the year”. These competitions would be a mix of general or open competitions, themed competitions and members choice competitions.
  • A lecture evening each month
  • A practical evening each month (where possible)
  • Social evenings, such as critiques, quizzes, members mini lectures, teach in sessions, discussion evenings, bring & buy sales etc, where members could get to know each other and through exchange of information, improve their photographic standing.

The very first evening was a real surprise to us, we expected there to be no more than 6 enthusiastic people in attendance, but we actually had an attendance of 16 enthusiastic people, a start from which we have never looked back.

Since those days our meeting venue has changed a number of times, firstly to the library in Arnold, then to the Sherwood Community Centre on Mansfield road in Nottingham, followed by the cricket pavilion at the Richard Herod Centre, Carlton, the Bowls Centre board room, also at the Richard Herod Centre, Carlton and since into the main meeting rooms in the Richard Herod Centre, Carlton itself.

Our programme is still as varied as it always was, and the aims of the club are still broadly in line with those set out in the beginning.

Since those early days we can proudly boast success over bigger clubs in many photographic battles, had many evenings where lecturers have stunned us with quality work, stunned many judges with the quality of our own work, taken part in many successful practical activities and improved our own photography to very high standards. We have laughed, cursed and almost wept at some of the judges comments & decisions, but continue to maintain the passion for the photographic hobby that binds us together.

Above all, everyone is welcome at the Outlaws, from the least to the most experienced photographers, from those who wish to press for photographic honours to those who merely wish to come along on a Thursday night as a social outlet, long may it continue.


Steve Roper CPAGB

Lifetime Hon. President.