Northern Lights over Lambley Airfield and Plowman’s Woods

After over a year of trying, one of our member, Nick Pearce, finally saw the Northern Lights.

Previous attempts had meant standing near Dunstanburgh Castle in the North East for 4 hours or in the Vale of Belvoir for several hours. Alerted during Friday 10th May by a fellow member Nick headed to a spot above Lambley village in search of darkness. Finally at about 11pm the show started, not in the North as expected but the East. The stunning display continued for over an hour and a half. It included the traditional green colours but a spectacular arc of pink and red from East to West with a dazzling display directly overhead.

Nick discovered several others watchers had chosen this location, many alerted by an App on their phones.

The radiation from the sun was the highest for many years, with sightings reported all over the country. Nick made another visit on the Saturday night but the show wasn’t repeated as hoped.

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