Chairman’s Challenge July – ‘Self Portrait’

Congratulations to Chris Newham for winning the Chairman’s Challenge with his hilarious shot of the fast food sign on Lindisfarne. We all had a really good chuckle (again) and it emerged as the clear winner on the night. Thanks to all the other members who also submitted entries…shame on those that didn’t!
I am fairly (?) confident of a good entry for this next challenge now you have seen the quality prizes on offer.

The new challenge is ‘Self Portrait’, I have set this as most of us need to improve our people photography, so, let the creativity flow and lets see some imaginative ideas. Closing date will be the end of July, I will send out reminders in due course.

Please send your entries direct to me ( at the normal NOPS competition size, please note (Lester!) that only one entry is permitted per member.

Go on, give it a go.

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