The Richard Balter Challenge Competition, hosted by Rushcliffe PS

Dear Outlaws,Tuesday the 9th may was the date, Tollerton parish rooms the venue. 8 clubs from the NEMPF region took part.

Nottm & Notts, Worksop, Rushcliffe, Long Eaton, Outlaws, Derby PS, Melton Mowbray and Newark.

Clearly some big names from our federation, it was going to be tough. The competition is knockout style, for example any print knocked out in round 1 gets 1 point, round 2, 2 points etc. what turned out to be quite exciting as the competition developed.

The outlaws entered the following five prints;

Alone by Chris Newham,Gooooooooooooooool by Scott Wilson, Fallen by Ian Pinn, Here Comes theSun from Michal Tekel and Shaggy Goat Story from Lester Woodward. Bob Rowe was the judge.

Round 1 commenced;
Worksop lost 1 print
Rushcliffe lost 4 prints
Long eaton lost 3 prints
Melton lost 2 prints
And Newark lost 1 print.

So, that left Nottm Notts, Outlaws and Derby with all their prints through to round 2, was this the start of something good?

First run through of the images and clearly the standard was excellent, Bob was having a tough time knocking out images, some of the Natural History images were simply stunning and faultless, it was clear that later on it was going to come down to personal preference. Bob did mention once or twice about the images ability to tell a story, have emotion, these were clearly traits that would help images rise above mere technical brilliance.

Round two;
Nottm Notts lost 3 prints (OUCH)
Worksop lost 2 prints
Long Eaton lost 1 print (only 1 left)
Melton lost 2 prints (only 1 left)

So, now only Derby and Outlaws intact!, exciting stuff with some big images going out. It was obvious at this stage that it was Outlaws vs Derby.

Round 3 saw us lose Lesters’ Shaggy Goat, but as a bonus Derby also lost 1 image, other round 3 casualties were;
Nottm Notts 1 (Only 1 left)
Worksop 1
Rushcliffe lost their final image
Newark lost 2

Round 4 , getting very tense now
Worksop lost their final image
Derby lost 3 images, definitely the turning point
Outlaws still had 4 images in (WOW)

Round 5
Nine images left, all on the stand and four of the nine belonging to the outlaws, outstanding performance.

Outlaws lost three images, Ian’s, Michals and Chris’s
Melton lost their final print
Newark lost 1

So, Round 6, 4 images left, three got six points and the individual winner was Scott with Goooooooooooooooooooooool (enough o’s?)-7 points

Brilliant, well done Scott, once again you have done us and yourself proud.

Club results, in Miss World order;
Rushcliffe 7 points (the hosts)
Long Eaton 8 points
Melton 11 points
Worksop 12 points
Nottm Notts 15 points
Newark 18 points
Derby 21 points
And…the outlaws…25 points and the winners, a brilliant clean sweep. I collected Scott’s cup and then the club shield, what a proud moment in our twenty fifth year, to beat all these big clubs, well done to all.

A great competition and a good evening, particularly for us.

Ian Pinn, NOPS Chairman 2012


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