Novembers internal competition report

Thursday evening saw the 10th and final internal competition of this term contributing toward the ‘Outlaw Of The Year’ award at the NOPS club room and, after a nice selection of images, the winners of both print and PDI awards were announced.
Internal competition secretary John Young presents his final report of the year for this competition…

On 28 November we held our final Outlaw of the year competition which featured the theme of Halloween.
The club welcomed Dave Gibbins as judge for the evening and thanks go to him for an excellent and informative
commentary on our images. Entry numbers were lower this month, with 24 in the
open and just 19 in the themed section but with images of such a high standard there was plenty for the guest judge to cast his eye over.

In the open section William Woolley, Tom Cross, Malcolm Nabarro and Lester Woodward all scored a 17.
A score of 18 went to Jack Worsnop for Winter Beach, Lois Webb for Slime Party, Malcolm
Nabarro for Dawn Wells Harbour and Lester Woodward for Window Dressing.
There were two scores of 19; Lois Webb for High Jump and Malcolm Nabarro for Railway
Station Steps.
The winning score of 20 went to Lois Webb for Angels with Dirty Faces.

In the theme section Lester Woodward,Jack Worsnop and William Woolley
all scored a 17.
Scores of 18 went to Malcolm Nabarro for Halloween Fair and Lois Webb
for Jack O Lantern.
Two scores of 19 were awarded to Lois again for Ghosts Behind the Mask and Lester
for Tormented Child.
The winning image was by Lois again with her Halloween Nightmare.

Congratulations to all who entered and thank you for an excellent evening viewing your images. Well done Lois for her double triumph winning both PDI and Print outlaw of the year.
A well-deserved result Lois.

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