August internal competition report

Following Thursday evenings internal Outlaw of the year competition held at the Nottingham Outlaws club room, internal competition secretary John Young presents his usual reflection on the evening…

We were pleased to welcome Robert Falconer to the club as
judge for the August monthly competition on the 29th. He did his
usual excellent job and gave us an interesting and informative commentary on
our images. The theme this month was Fresh Moving Water and we had 30 images in
the open section and 32 in the themed. Congratulations to all who entered and
gave us an evening of enjoyable images.

In the open section there were 14 images held back for a
second viewing after which Brian Thorley, Lois Webb, Sue Jackson, William
Wooley, Tabby, Nigel Stewart, John Young, Tom Cross and Chris Houldsworth all
scored 17 for their images. In fact Sue Jackson scored 17 for two of her
images. Jack Worsnop scored 18 for his Mediterranean Sunrise as did Lester
Woodward for Candy Nails. Chris Houldsworth scored 19 for his Cornish Evening
and the section winner was Lois Webb with Head Over Heels in Love. Well done to
all of you.

In the Themed section there were 11 images held back for a
second viewing after which a sore of 17 went to Sue Jackson, Malcolm Nabarro,
Chris Daniels, Jack Worsnop, William Wooley and Lester Woodward. There were
three scores of 18 awarded to Jack worsnop for Lion Head Fountains and Chris
Houldsworth for both High Force Teesdale and also his Roughting Linn. John
Young got a 19 for his Rainbow Falls and the winner was Lois Webb with Bleaklow
Waterfall. Again well done to all of you.



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