Junes NOPS internal competition report

Thursday evening saw a wealth of images entered into this months competition contributing toward the annual Outlaw of the year award and a return to the club for Sue Hartley who was guest judge for the evening. Internal Competition Secretary John Young presents his report on the nights events…

We welcomed Sue Hartley back to the club as judge for the June 2019 Competition. Thanks go to her for an excellent evening’s judging. She was impressed by the variety of interpretations of the theme ‘Graveyards’ that our members presented to us. There were 33 entries in the open section and 30 in the themed.

In the open section scores of 18 went to Tabby for Searching the Shoreline, Michael Harrison for Ghost Horse, Jack Worsnop for Approaching Storm and Tom Cross for Aga Khan Centre, Toronto. Nineteen was awarded to Lois Webb for Head Over Heels in Love, Michael Harrison for What Will I Be When I grow Up and Malcolm Nabarro for Music in the Round. The winning image was Power Napping by Lois Webb.

In the themed section Scores of 18 went to Tabby for Heavenly Host, Christine Sweeney for Atmospheric Glasgow Graveyard, William Wooley for The Celtic Grave, Brian Thorley for Dead of Night and Chris Houldsworth for Sisters of Charity. Nineteen was awarded to Chris again for Rest and Elizabeth Bromley for New Life. Once again Lois Webb had the winner with Eternal Grief in a Japanese Graveyard. Well done to Lois for her double win tonight.


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