February’s internal competition report

The 2019 Outlaw of the year contest got underway on Thursday in the NOPS clubroom with the first contributing competition, Competition Secretary John Young presents his report….

On 28th February we held our first Outlaw of the Year competition. The Theme was ‘Funny Signs’. A big thank you to Malcolm Sales for judging this competition and giving some sound comments and advice on the images. There were 24 images entered to the open section and 23 images to the themed. Thank you to all who entered and gave us an enjoyable evening viewing your images. In the open section scores of 17 went to Lois Webb for A Hard life by the Canal, Michael Harrison for his excellent black and white shot titled Blues, Jack Worsnop for Lake Pukaki Squall and Elizabeth Bromley for Selfie Stick. This was Elizabeth’s first competition entry to NOPS so especially well done to her. Scores of 18 went to Chris Houldsworth for Leadenhall Contrasts, Lois Webb for Follow the Leader and Tom Cross for his beautiful shot from Trondheim called Warehouses. There were two scores of 19; Lester Woodward for Thames Buoy and Malcolm Nabarrow foir First Light. The winner in this section was Lester Woodward with Dune Walking.

The themed section produced some amusing and well thought out entries. Scortes of 17 went to Michael Harrison for Trump That, Jack Worsnop for Moose Rage, Lester Woodward for Christian Duplicating Services, Tom Cross for Don’t Flush, Sandra Holmes for Very True and Chris Houldsworth for Occupational Hazards. 18 went to Jack Worsnop for Penguin Crossing and Lois Webb for Under the Crumbling Tower, 19 went to Mark Taylor for Crocodiles Roaming and Malcolm Nabarro for Squawk! No Apples and Pears. There were two scores of 20 given to Mark Taylor for his Careless Solicitors and Tabby for Cracked which was the winning image in this section. Well done to our winners and to everyone who entered.


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