Latest club competition report

Following Thursdays internal competition contributing towards this years Outlaw of the year trophy, John Young presents his usual account of the evenings proceedings…

The October round of the Outlaw of the Year competition was held on 25th October, which was a PDI round and this month’s theme was ‘Sport’ We had 33 open entries and 32 themed entries.
Derek Doar very kindly stepped in at the very last moment as our judge and he gave an interesting and helpful commentary on our images.

In the open section scores of 18 went to Chris Houldsworth for his image titled Brutalist Glass, Andy Jackson for Stampede, Tom Cross for City of Arts and Sciences Valencia and Jack Worsnop for Rocky Harbour Boulders. Scores of 19 were awarded to Michael Harrison for Montana Grain Silo, Lester Woodward for Shadow Riders, Chris Houldsworth for Corridor of Light and Jack Worsnop for Kinderdijk Windmills. Two scores of 20 were awarded, firstly to Michael Harrison for The Footsteps of the Night Watchman and to Mark Taylor for the winning image New Brighton View. Well done Mark.

In the theme section scores of 17 went to Sue Jackson for Pushing On and also Head to Head, Christine Sweeney for Slam Dunk, Tabby for Ready for the Off and David Brown for Lost it in the Bend. Scores of 18 went to William Woolley for Not Much Further, Stuart Potts for Downhill, Michael Harrison for Last out of the Gate, Mark Taylor for To the Left, Andy Jackson for Water Manoeuvre, Phil Beckwith for Pedal to the Metal and Lester Woodward for Eye on th Ball. Scores of 19 went to Malcolm Nabarro for High Energy Surfer and also Beauty and the Bike. There were three scores of 20 given firstly to Mark Taylor for The Mane Event, Andy Jackson for Water Dash and Lester Woodward for the winning image Leading the Pack. The large number of held back images in the theme section reflects the high standard of entries.
Well done to everyone who took part and made this an enjoyable evening.


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