Nottingham Outlaw’s print competition report for May.

The very last day of May saw a well attended print competition with a plethora of great images at the Outlaws clubroom giving guest judge Derek Doar plenty to cast his eye over whilst critiquing and ultimately scoring members submissions. As always, internal competition secretary John Young presents his report on the evenings event…

We held our monthly competition on 31st May. Derek Doar was the judge and the theme was a technical challenge, Black and White. We continue to have a high number of entries with 38 in the open and 43 in the theme. Derek commended us for this high entry and said that some clubs were seeing a reduced number of entries in print competitions.

A large number of images were held back by the judge for a second viewing reflecting the high standard of entries and so I will list images with a score of 18 and above. Well done to everyone for an enjoyable evening of viewing images and congratulations to the winners. In the open Chris Houldsworth scored 18 for his ‘Poles Apart’ and his colourful ‘Tram Jam’ as did Mark Taylor for his ‘Family Outing’, William Woolley for ‘Passed Through the Generations’, John Young for ‘Gardener’s Shed’, and finally Steve Roper for ‘Feeding Time’. Scores of 19 went to Lester Woodward for ‘Clay Sadhu’, Tom Cross for ‘For Sale’, Malcolm Nabarro for ‘Beauty and the Bike’, George Reilly for ‘Little Egret’ and Mark Taylor for ‘Ey Up Me Duck’. Two images scred 20 Malcolm Nabarro with his ‘A Glamorous Job’ and the section winner Lois webb with ‘Mush! Mush! Mush!’

In the themed section scores of 18 went to Simon Goode for ‘In the Mist’ and ‘Stark’, Chris Houldsworth for ‘Il Duomo’, ‘Shipshape’ and ‘Holocaust Memorial’, Lois Webb for ‘White Stripes Black Stripes’, George Reilly for ‘Pretend we haven’t Seen Him’ and Mark Taylor for ‘’Talk to the Foot’. There were four scores of 19 going to Lois Webb for ‘Dreaming of Somewhere Else’ and ‘Faithful Elder’, Steve Roper for ‘OO Er Missus’ and Malcolm Nabarro for ‘Back to the Furure’. There were three twenties; Jack Worsnop for ‘Grand Montets’, Michael Harrison for ‘Fisherman in the Mist’ and the section winner Lester Woodward for ‘Holding the Niche’. Well done to everyone and we look forward to next month’s competition.

– John Young.


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