March Outlaw of the year competition report

The weather outdoors has been unpredictable to say the least but in the Outlaws clubroom spring was very much in the air thanks to the themed outlaw of the year competition for March. Along with the regular open section, entries to the themed section were blooming great!
John Young presents his usual report…

On 29th March we welcomed the return of Sue Hartley as judge for our monthly round of the Outlaw of the Year competition. Thanks go to Sue for her excellent scoring and informative commentary. This time it was a print competition with the usual open section and also a section with the theme ‘Anticipating Spring’. Thanks to all who entered and gave us an excellent evening viewing photographs. There were 36 entries in the open section and 28 in the themed section.

In the open John Young scored 17 for his sharply focused ‘Cock Robin’. Eighteens went to Chris Houldsworth for both his ‘Higger Torr’ and ‘Cape Sugarbird’; Ray Andrews for his Milky Way shot entitled ‘We Are Not Alone’; Lester Woodward for ‘Cheroot Lady’; Lois Webb for ‘Puppet On A String’ and finally Tom Cross for ‘Tree at Sunset’. Nineteens went to Lester again for ‘Checking the Beast’ and Lois again for ‘Dreaming of Somewhere Else’. Two twenties were awarded, the first to Chris Houldsworth for ‘Holocaust Memorial’ and the second to the section winner Lester Woodward with ‘Clay Sadhu’. Well done to Chris Houldsworth and Lester Woodward for having all their entries score eighteen or more.

In the Themed section scores of seventeen went to Tabby for ‘Ready for Planting’ and ‘New Leaves’; Ray Andrews for ’Feb Ewe Arry’ (really Ray! your puns!). Eighteens went to Tom Cross for ‘New Leaves’ and Phil Beckwith for ‘Mini Cyclamen’. Nineteens went to Ray Andrews for ‘Surprise Easter Snow’ and Simon Goode for ‘Lambs to Limbs’. The winner was Lester Woodward with ‘Couple of Cuties’.

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