NOPS February internal competition report

The Nottingham Outlaws PS welcomed judge Alan Young to the clubroom to cast his eye over members submissions for the first DPI competition of the year featuring some fabulous images in both the open and themed sections, they are a real joy to look at as I prepare this piece for the website. As always, competition secretary John Young presents his report of the evenings proceedings..

The first Projected Image competition of the year was held on the 22 February. Members enjoyed seeing 38 open section entries with our usual wide variety of images and 36 entries under the theme of ‘Extraordinary Weather’. Thanks go to Alan Young, our guest judge, who gave us a commentary and score for each image.  Thanks also go to all the members who entered, we are always pleased to see your work.

In the open section five entries were held back for a second viewing. Geoff Porter scored 17 for his inventively entitled ‘Swan’, which was actually a flower! Lois Webb and Andy Jackson both scored 18 for ‘Kyoto Couple’ and ‘Flying the Flag’ respectively. Jack Worsnop scored 19 for ‘Tokyo Night View’. Lester Woodward was the section winner with 20 for his lively image entitled ‘The Dancer’.

In the themed section Lester Woodward and Simon Goode both scored 17 for ‘Clouding Over and Under’ and ‘Storm Bernie’ respectively. George Reilly, Sue Jackson and once again Lester Woodward all scored 18 for ‘Windscreen Frost’, ‘Amazing Sunrise’ and ‘Misty Trees’. Chris Houldsworth and Lois Webb both scored 19 for their excellent and emotive images ‘Atlantic Storm’ and ‘Minus 10’. Ray Andrews was the section winner with his ‘Fog Over Lyme’ an image full of mood and character.

Well done to all members who gave us the pleasure of seeing your images.



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