Upcoming meetings, input needed!

Nottingham Outlaws Photo Soc. needs your participation in upcoming events!

On 22 July we will have a mini lecture evening. An opportunity for you to show us your pics. Anything is acceptable- your favourite shots- your trip to Blackpool-your portraits-your urban shots- your anything. Come on let’s see them. Prints or projected images. We want to see it!

On 5 August we have a tips and tricks evening. We already have requests for explanations of how to photograph water drops, slices of lemon falling in a glass, fast moving subjects (cars etc.) and a request for a back to basics session covering such stuff as

  • Fieldcraft-setting up the shot/composition/lens choice etc
  • Using a filter system-basic intro to using filters
  • Setting up the camera, which settings to use?
  • Breaking the rules, thirds/over or under exposure etc

If you want to add your vote for any of the above topics or if you want to request another topic to be covered please email John or leave a comment below!

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