April 2024 Second PDI Competition

The Outlaws photographic competition year is now in full swing and this is the second projected digital image (PDI) competition so far, with a further three to follow. Competitions are held every month and are alternated between PDI’s and mounted Prints.

This month’s competition had fourteen entrants all competing in both the Open and Themed categories.

The current Outlaws PDI league table has Malcolm Nabarro top with 144 points, followed closely by Ray Andrews with 140 and Lester Woodward hot on his heels with 139 points.

The judge for this evening’s competitions was Phil Taylor from Bolsover Camera Club. 

Phil was made very welcome and there were two categories for him to judge, the Open category and the Themed which for April was “Close-up”. In total there were twenty-eight submission entries in the themed section and twenty-eight in the Open.

In both the Open and Themed categories there was a wide variety of photographic genres including; Nature, sports, landscapes, seascapes, textures, flowers, portrait and abstract. Phil did comment that the Themed competition section on “Close-up” really did have some fantastic high-quality images.

As the competitions progressed Phil gave detailed critique to the authors on all images and scored them appropriately or initially holding them back for a second look.

Theme Close-up

The Themed PDI also had a wide variety of images and Phil said they were all of a high standard and nine images were held back for final scoring and the winner was Ray Andrews with his image entitled “Zebra Stare” closely followed by Lester Woodward with his image Red Soldier Beetle both scoring twenty points.

Themed winning image Zebra Stare by Ray Andrews

Malcolm Nabarro, Germination, Ray Andrews, The French Horn, and John Young, Dead Head Tongue all scored 18 points. Sue Jackson, Vortex, Malcolm Nabarro, Philadelphus Mock Orange, Nigel Stewart, Feeding Time, Sally Herbert, Designed by Bees all scored 19 points. Lester Woodward scored 20 points with Red Soldier Beetle but Ray Andrews was awarded the win with Zebra Stare scoring 20 points – congratulations go to Ray.

Open category

In the open category seven images were held back for final judging

Open Winning Image was Head To Head by Nigel Stewart

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Ray Andrews, Artichoke and Dead Insect, Lester Woodward, Take That, Andy Gibbons, All Buoyed up, all scored 18 points. Lois Webb, Wink Wink, Chris Holdsworth, Ice Rocks on Diamond Beach, scored 19 points. Malcolm Nabarro, Swimmer and Nigel Stewart, Head to Head both scored 20 points, with the win being awarded to Nigel, well done Nigel.

The Outlaws would like to thank Phil for providing everyone who entered with a detailed set of comments and critique on how their individual works could be improved.

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