Great news! There’s a wonderful exhibition on display at the Park House Medical Centre by the Nottingham Outlaws Photographic Society.

Here are the key details:

  • Exhibition: Free print exhibition of over 50 colour and monochrome prints by members of the Nottingham Outlaws Photographic Society.
  • Location:  Main reception area of Park House Medical Centre, near the rear entrance.
  • Opening Times of Park House Medical Centre:
    • Monday – Thursday: 8am – 5pm
    • Friday: 8am – 2pm
    • Saturday: Closed
    • Sunday: Closed
  • Additional Information: More about the Nottingham Outlaws Photographic Society can be found at](
  • Acknowledgment: Special thanks to Nigel Stewart for his hard work in setting up the exhibition.

This is a fantastic opportunity for both patients and visitors to enjoy some beautiful photography while at the medical centre.

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