Meet the Outlaws Gibbo

In the 80’s I carried out studio work for a marketing company which began my interest. In the 90’s I became Digital Print Manager for a company and even though I was working abroad I was travelling around a lot and did not have time to carry on with my photography. I met my wife in 2006 and her (adult) son was very interested in photography and this sparked my interest again having someone to talk to about equipment etc. I then purchased my first Nikon, a D300 digital camera. Due to health confines I only used my camera infrequently. I then purchased by Sony AR74 in 2022 and following a chance meeting with Nick Pearce at Langar airfield (both of us taking photographs), this spurred me on to join the Outlaws in 2023.

I love to travel but find this increasingly difficult, I particularly enjoy cruise holidays which allows me to travel and also take photographs. I have also recently joined the National Trust as I can use their all-terrain scooter to get around the grounds/all areas. (Belton House). Now fully invested in updating my home computer equipment so I can further process my images and become involved in desktop processing.

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