Members Choice 2024

January 2024 – Members Choice Competition

January is traditionally the start of the Outlaws competition year and “Members Choice” is the first competition of the year. It is a stand-alone competition having both PDI and Print sections. It is open to all members and the contributions especially in the DPI format were quite significant with forty-six entries in total. 

The judging is carried out by the attending NOPS membership and the PDI images are projected onto a large screen with several run throughs allowing members to make notes and each can come to their own individual top six entries (members cannot vote for their own image) in order of preference. 

The Print competition takes part in the second part of the evening (after the tea break) with prints being displayed on the bespoke easel allowing all images to be placed side by side for direct comparison and all subject to the same lighting conditions. Again, judging is carried out by the attending members on the same basis as the PDI competition, no voting for your own image and your top six in order of preference.

Members Choice PDI Section

It was fantastic to see so many entries into this section with forty-six in total and all to a very high standard, I thought it was quite a challenge to whittle forty-six down to just six (and it was) but after many run throughs I did manage to narrow it down as did the rest of the membership. We all handed in our personal ballot papers for counting and the final scores came in as follows……………………

1st place went to Malcolm Nabarro with his image “Following Like”

2nd place went to Ray Andrews with “Great Herdsman of Etive”

3rd place had two entries with equal scores, they were Christine Gaukroger with “Walkie Talkie London EC3” and Malcolm Nabarro with “Swimmer”

Members Choice Print Section

The second half of the evening was devoted to the print section of the competition, there was a reduced number of entries compared to the PDI element but that is quite normal. However, saying that all of the images were put up for public gaze and I was thrilled to see so many high-quality images with some of them being printed on fine art papers, a real feast for the eyes.

After collecting the members voting slips, the announcement of the winners was made and it went like this…………….

1st place went to Ray Andrews with “The Tree”

2nd place went to Ray Andrews with “Lock Leven Sunset”

3rd place went to Malcolm Nabarro with “A Grand Grand Piano”

A fantastic start to the Outlaws year with lots of involvement in judging, socialising and excited anticipation for the forthcoming photographic year.

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