November – Final Print Competition Of The Year

November – Final Print Competition of the Year

The final print competition of the year was held on Thursday 23rd November, the competition was nearing its conclusion and it was a closely fought battle with Lois Webb in the lead from Nigel Stewart by a margin of six points. Malcolm Nabarro in third place on 405 points and Chris Houldsworth in fourth place with 402 points. 

The question was could Nigel score sufficient points on the night to challenge Lois for the title of “Print Outlaw of the Year?

The judge for this round of the competition was Phil Newman from Bolsover Camera club. There were two categories for Phil to judge, the Open category and the Themed category which in this instance was “Sport”. In total there were 23 entries in both of the competition categories

Theme Sport

The themed prints were of the usual high standard and Phil held seven images back for final scoring. Looking at the collection of held prints Phil said that this was going to be a very difficult decision because the bar was set to a high standard. The maximum 20 points was awarded to Lester Woodward for his image titled “Robin Hood Marathon Runners”

The winning image by Lester Woodward titled “Robin Hood Marathon Runners Powerful Reflections”        

Nigel Stewart scored 20 with LOOKING FORWARD KNEE DOWN, Ray Andrews scored 18 for both of his images MUSH MUSH IN A RUSH & FIVE LEADS AFTER THE JUMP, Lois Webb scored 19 with ULTRA TRAIL RUNNER 352, Lester Woodward 19 with BACKHAND STRETCH, Malcolm Nabarro 20 with EYES ON THE BALL and 20 points to Lester Woodward with ROBIN HOOD MARATON RUNNERS.

Open category

The Open category was the first category to be judged on the night. Twenty-three prints were entered and after the first element of judging 7 images were held back for the final decision and the win was awarded to Chris Houldsworth with his winning image titled ST MARLO CATHEDRAL.

The winning image by Chris Houldsworth titled ST MALO CATHEDRAL.

Lester Woodward scored 18 points with FASHION ON THE EDGE, Brian Thorley 18 with RAINING DATSUN COGS, Nigel Stewart 18 with SIGNALS STEAM AND THE LOCO DRIVER, Nigel Stewart 18 with THE RUINS OF DUNSTANBURGH CASTLE, Ray Andrews 19 PANTHERA LEO PAIR YAWNING, Nigel Stewart 19 with NUTHATCH ON MOSS, LESTER WOODWARD 19 with AMPERSAND, LESTER WOODWARD 20 with FRAMED and the winning image by Chris Houldsworth titled ST MALO CATHEDRAL scored 20 points.

The final “Print Outlaw of the Year “results were in and the results finished as follows;

1st Place and “Print Outlaw of the Year” to Lois Webb (528pts)

2nd place went to Nigel Stewart (526pts)

3rd place went to Malcolm Nabarro (505pts)

It was a close competition with only two points separating Lois & Nigel 

The Outlaws would like to thank Phil Newman for providing everyone who entered on the night with informative and encouraging critique on their images & also to offer their congratulations to Lois on a successful year.

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