October – Final PDI Competition Of The Year

The final projected digital image (PDI) competition of the year was held on Thursday 26th October, the competition year started way back in February 2023 and has been run on a bi-monthly basis throughout the year. Lester Woodward went into this final round holding the top spot but could he score enough points on the night to maintain his position and win the prestigious tittle of “Outlaw of the Year”

The judge for this round of the competition was Malcolm Sales who has judged at Outlaws competitions on previous occasions. There were two categories for Malcolm to judge, the Open category and the Themed category which in this instance was “Industrial Landscapes”. In total there were 28 entries in the open and 26 in the themed.

Theme Industrial Landscapes

The themed PDI’s were all of a high standard and ten images were held back for final scoring. There were held back entries for Christine Gaukroger and Andy Gibbons two relatively new members to the Outlaws competition environment. The maximum 20 points was awarded to Nigel Stewart with his winning image titled “Powerful Reflections”.

The winning image by Nigel Stewart titled “Powerful Reflections”        

Chris Houldsworth scored 17 with GREEN AND PLEASANT LAND, Lois Webb scored 17 with INTENSIVE RICE PRODUCTION, Andy Gibbons scored 17 with EARLY MORNING COMMUTE TO THE SUGAR FACTORY, Lois Webb scored 18 with LIVERPOOL CONTAINER TERMINAL, Ray Andrews scored 18 with BLOT ON THE LANDSCAPE, Nigel Stewart scored 18 with RATCLIFFE POWER STATION THE FINAL CHAPTER, Sue Jackson scored 19 with FELIXSTOWE CONTAINER PORT, Christine Gaukroger scored 19 with THE END OF AN ERA and 19 for TORR VALE MILL, Nigel Stewart scored 20 points with POWERFUL REFLECTIONS.

Open category

As mentioned previously there were 28 images entered into the open category and 8 images were held back for final judging and the winner was Lois Webb with her image entitled PALE TUSSOCK MOTH CATERPILLAR.

The winning image by Lois Webb titled Pale Tussock Moth Caterpillar.

Andy Gibbons scored 18 points with FORGOT THE LEAD, Ray Andrews scored 18 with FRONT DOOR POLITICS, Lester Woodward scored 18 with THE BLUE DANCER, Sue Jackson scored 19 with BRIDGES OVER THE TYNE, Nigel Stewart scored 19 with GOING HEAD TO HEAD, Chris Houldsworth scored 19 with BOAT GRAVEYARD, Malcolm Nabarro scored 20 with Bristol Cathedral and Lois Webb scored 20 points with PALE TUSSOCK MOTH CATERPILLAR.

The final “Outlaw of the Year “ results were in and the end of year standings are as follows;

1st Place and crowned “Outlaw of the Year” went to Lester Woodward

2nd place went to Malcolm Nabarro

3rd place went to Lois Webb

It was a close competition and rewarding in some many ways for all members of the club.

The Outlaws all offered their congratulations to Lester on another successful year and also to thank Malcolm Sales for providing everyone who entered images on the night with constructive comments.

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