Meet the Outlaws Mark Taylor

I have had a long interest in photography, I enjoy Wildlife Photography, but my early shots were mainly holiday and family shots.

I joined the Outlaws in 2017 and this gave me the opportunity to expand my hobby.

I had various instamatic cameras to start with but my first SLR camera was a Minolta 500si 35mm SLR camera & AF 35-70mm Lens.

Because the Minolta used the Sony A Lens Mount when I transferred to DSLR I went down the Sony Alpha range:
• Sony Alpha a100 DSLR 10.2MP DSLR Camera
• Sony Alpha 57 16.1MP STL Camera
• Sony α99 II 42.4MP STL Full Frame Camera

In my photography journey I have gone down the competitive route and have done reasonably well in the outlaw of the year competition and have had images excepted for N&EMPF but the biggest realisation I had, which may be a little controversial, was that the only person I am doing photography for is myself and I should be doing an image for myself NOT a judge.

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