Meet the Outlaws Malcolm Nabarro

I have been a member of the Outlaws since 2016/17 years and have found it an educational and social experience that has become very important in my life. 

I’m a musician by trade, and after studying at the Royal College of Music, London, I initially pursued a career as a trumpeter, playing in everything from Symphony concerts to night club and cabaret bands. My musical career developed into conducting and crazily, perhaps foolishly, I founded first an amateur symphony orchestra and then even more foolishly, a professional orchestra. 

In 2000 with my wife, also a musician, we literally sailed away from the musical life and became mariners, living on a boat for the following thirteen years and cruising around Europe. In 2013 we returned to the UK and decided to live in a house again. This is when I began searching for an outlet for my creative urges and re-discovered photography. 

It has been a massive but enjoyable learning curve and now I enjoy all forms of the art and in particular I strive to make creative images, right through from camera to print. 

I shoot on a Sony A7iii with Sony and Tamron Lenses.

My work can be seen on and

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