September 2023 4th Print Competition

The fourth print competition of the year was held on Thursday 28th September at St James church Hall the home of the Nottingham Outlaws. The print competition started back in March 2023 and is run on a bi-monthly basis. Lois Webb currently holds the top position in the Outlaw print league table. 

The judge for this round of the competition was Alan Young who is a member of Rolls Royce (Derby) Photographic Society. Alan stated that he liked images that told a story, had balance and contained elements that added interest and enhanced the image. There were two categories for Alan to judge, the Open category and the Themed which in this instance was “Portraits (two generations or more)”. In total there were 20 entries in the open and 18 in the themed.

The Open competition again attracted a wide variety of genres of photography and the themed competition equally had interesting portraits and Alan stated that this was likely to be a high scoring round.

Theme Portraits (two or more generations)

The themed portrait prints were all of a high standard, eight images were held back for final scoring and Alan Young awarded the accolade of winning image to Ray Andrews for his image entitled STEAMPUNK FAMILY.

The winning image by author Ray Andrews entitled STEAMPUNK FAMILY

Gallery of the Portrait print (two generations or more) held images.

Chris Holdsworth scored 17 with SO WHICH WOULD YOU CHOOSE, Ray Andrews scored 17 with DNA THROUGH THE AGES, Malcolm Nabarro scored 17 with GRANDMA HAS AN IPHONE, Lester Woodward scored 18 with LOVE IN A BOX, Malcolm Nabarro scored 18 with SMILE FOR THE CAMERA SON, Lois Webb scored 18 with MOTHER AUNT DAUGHTER COUSIN, Nigel Stewart scored 19 with THE ELEPHANT FAMILY and Ray Andrews scored 20 points with STEAMPUNK FAMILY.

Open category

In the open category 10 images were held back for final judging and the winner was Nigel Stewart with his image entitled LOOKING FORWARDS KNEE DOWN.

The winning image by Nigel Stewart entitled LOOKING FORWARDS KNEE DOWN

Gallery of held print images in the open category

Chris Holdsworth scored 17 with MARSALA WINDMILL, Lois Webb Malcolm scored 17 with WORLD WAR FOE, Nigel Stewart scored 17 with REACH FOR THE SKY, Ray Andrews scored 18 points for two images, one entitled THE BATHING HOUSE and the other EBB AND FLO AT NEWBIGGIN, Lois Webb scored 18 points with LIGHT ON THE EDGE, Malcolm Nabarro scored 19 points with his image entitled SEVILLE STATION PERSPECTIVE, Lois Webb scored 19 points with WIDE OPEN and Nigel Stewart scored 20 points for IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF SACHMO & the winning image LOOKING FORWARD KNEE DOWN.

The Outlaws would like to thank Alan Young for providing everyone who entered with beneficial comments and the offer to discuss their works after judging had been completed.

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