August 2023 PDI Competition

August sees the Outlaws enter into their fourth Projected Digital Image (PDI) competition of the year and things are starting to warm up as Lester Woodward is being challenged for top spot by Malcolm Nabarro, Lois Webb and Ray Andrews. The evenings judge was Vin Scothern, a national competition judge who the Outlaws had met on previous occasions and noted that he commented on detail, fundamentals, separation, action and offered constructive critique.

There were two categories for Vin to judge on the evening, the Open category and the Themed, which this month was “Speed”. There were approximately thirty entries for both categories, a well subscribed competition.

The Open competition attracted many genres of photography from the recent Nottingham carnival, portraiture, wildlife, and still life to name but a few. The themed competition equally had a wide variety of images with many different visual interpretations of the theme and Vin again gave detailed critique before scoring the images presented to him.

Theme – Speed

The Themed PDI had images ranging from racing cars and motorcycles with some of the images using slower shutter speeds and employing panning techniques through to high-speed shutters to produce pin sharp detail throughout the image. Images depicting slow speed also featured with Snails in some images through to ballroom dancing and some sports shots.

Vin commented that the themed section had many very high-quality images. He came down to a final selection of three and announced the winner was Lois Webb with her image entitled Quickstep Competition.

Themed winning image by Lois Webb

Malcolm Nabarro, SPEEDING, 18 points, Lester Woodward, N4, 19 points and Lois Webb QUICKSTEP COMPETITION, scoring 20 points and declared the winner.

Open category

In the open category nine images were held back for final judging.

Open winning image by Lester Woodward

Nigel Stewart with, The Red Arrows Synchro Pair, Sue Jackson, Warrior Queen, Steve Roper, Golden Eagle In Flight, Ray Andrews, Let There Be Light, all scoring 18 points. Malcolm Nabarro, Purple Hat and Pearls, Chris Holdsworth, Boat Graveyard, both scoring 19 points. Chris Holdsworth, Mallard on Final Approach, Ray Andrews, The Bathing House and Lester Woodward Blowing the Cheeks, all scoring 20 points and Lester was announced the overall winner.

The Outlaws would like to thank Vin Scothern for providing everyone who entered with a constructive set of comments and appreciation of their works.

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