June 2023 PDI Competition

The Outlaws year is now in full swing and we have had a number of outdoor photographic events, Printed image competitions and Projected Digital Image competitions (PDI). This evening it is the third PDI of the year and Lester Woodward currently holds the top position in the Outlaw league table. The evenings judge was Stefan 

There were two categories to judge, the Open category and the Themed which was “Patterns in Nature”. In total there were 27 entries in the open and 29 in the themed.

The Open competition attracted many genres of photography from architectural, travel, sport, nature, portrait and street. The themed competition equally had a wide variety of images and Stefan gave detailed critique before scoring the images presented to him.

Theme Patterns In Nature

The Themed PDI also had a wide variety of images some were predictable subjects according to Stefan but all were of a high standard. Ten images were held back for final scoring and the winner was Lois Webb with her image entitled Natural Fractural.

The winning image by Lois Webb entitled Natural Fracturnal

Sally Herbert, Ripples In Sand & Malcolm Nabarro’s, Middle Eastern Great Cormorant both scoring 17 points. Steve Roper with Peacock Displaying & Lois Webb with Teeth Of The Thistle both scored 18 points. Chris Holdsworth, Triangulation & Nigel Stewart’s Hosta both scored 19 points. The winner with 20 points was Lester Woodward with Masai Giraffe, well done Lester.

Open category

In the open category 7 images were held back for final judging

The winning image by Sally Herbert entitled Braving The rain At Montserrat

Christine Gaukroger with Tired Tourist & Patrick Wallis’s Teal both scoring 17 points. Lester Woodward with Quays Theatre, Christine Gaukroger with Deansgate Square, both scoring 18 points. Ray Andrews, Eye to the Sky and Malcolm Nabarro’s Purple Hat & Pearls both scoring 19 points. The 20 points to Sally Herbert for her image Braving the Rain In Montserrat, congratulations to Sally. On the evening in the Open category seven images were held back for final judging and the winner was Sally Herbert for her image entitled Braving the Rain in Montserrat.

The Outlaws would like to thank Stefan for providing everyone who entered with a constructive set of comments and appreciation of their works.

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