Outlaw Second Print Competition May 2023

On the evening of 25th May, the Outlaws held their second Print competition of the year at the church hall, St James’s Church, Mapperley. The judge for the evening was Robert Falconer who had previously judged an Outlaws competition. Robert had an eye for detail and studied each image before commenting on its composition and content. He praised the standard of prints produced and gave good critique before scoring each individual image. He stated that the quality of the prints submitted was exemplary, fine praise indeed for the Outlaws.

Themed Category

There were 21 entries in both the open and themed competitions. The theme for May was Military. Robert was enthusiastic about the theme of which he stated he had good knowledge and that there were many interesting images. On the evening in the themed category twelve prints were held back for final judging and the winning print was Chris Holdsworth’s “16 Squadron Blackburn Buccaneer Take Off”. 

Theme Military 

Chris Houldsworth with WAITING FOR THE SCRAMBLE, Lester Woodward, BACK FROM THE WAR, Lois Webb WWII FOE, Malcolm Nabarro, THERE’S A CHAP AT THE BACKIN A BROWN COAT, Malcolm Nabarro, YOUNG SOLDIERS IN JERUSALEM, Nigel Stewart, OWED BY SO MANY TO SO FEW all scored 17 points. Lester Woodward, THEY DONT LIKE IT UP EM, Lois Webb, ON PARADE, Nigel Stewart REACH FOR THE SKY, Nigel Stewart, RUSSIAN GORDY, all scored 18 points., Lois Webb, WOUNDED, scored 19 points and the winner was, Chris Houldsworth, 16 SQUADRON BLACKBURN BUCCANEER TAKE OFF 20 points

Open Category

In the open category eleven images were held back for final judging and the winning images was awarded to Lois Webb’s “Gaoler To The Woman’s Cell”.

The Winning Image by Lois Webb


Nigel Stewart, IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF SATCHMO, Nigel Stewart, STORM OVER SOUTHSTACK LIGHTHOUSE, Ray Andrews, AFTER THE SUN, all scored 17 points. Chris Houldsworth, THE WRECK OF THE MANX ROSE, Chris Houldsworth, OGWEN LOWER FALLS, Lois Webb, KANGAROO FAMIL, Malcolm Nabarro, THE MOON RISING OVER ST MARY MAGDALEN NEWARK, all scored 18 points. Lester Woodward, LOST IN DANCE, Lois Webb, END OF THE DAY AT MILTON MAUSOLEUM, Ray Andrews, EYE TO THE SKY all scored 19 points. Lois Webb, GAOLER TO THE WOMENS CELL, 20 points.

The Outlaws would like to thank Robert for providing everyone who entered with a constructive set of comments and appreciation of their works.

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