How to create a successful image by Lois Webb


I love being a member of a photographic society that pushes me to create images I would not produce unless for a themed club competition. This month’s theme was ‘Surrealism’. Inspired by @erik.joh this watery fantasy was built using multiple images, all taken by me starting with a seascape of the Andaman sea taken way back in 2008. Using a small fish tank in front of the background seascape on the screen of my computer I used a sweet chilli sauce bottle to produce the image. Swipe through the post to see all the images I took to complete the final image.

This image won the competition.

#surrealism #surreal #nottinghamoutlawsphotographicsociety #nempf #compositephotography #messageinabottle #underwaterphoto #photoshop #photoshopskills #photoshopart

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