James Maude vs Nottm Outlaws PS – 2nd / home Leg

I have to admit that I felt reasonably comfortable taking a 23 point lead advantage from the first leg at Mansfield, it turned out to be much closer in the end!

The judge for the proceedings was Russ Daniels from Ilkeston.

We started with the Digital and from the outset the marks were already much lower than the first leg. Out of the first 6 images each club had 2 held back, it was going to be closer than leg 1.

For the Outlaws we had Crested Gecko (Sue H), Dark Peak (Michal), Sally Lightfoot Crab (Lester-making a return from his global adventures), Sliced and Diced (Scott) even though the judge couldn’t understand it and, Totland Pier (Chris N). James Maude had 4 held back.

On the held projected images we scored;

Crested Gecko – 19

Dark Peak – 19

Sally Lightfoot Crab – 18

Sliced and Diced – 19

Totland Pier – 17

No top honours for the Outlaws and James Maude got 2 20’s so it was very close, in fact 189 points to JMCC and 190 points to the Outlaws, talk about scraping through. Some interesting observations over the 2 legs, JMCC image ‘Feather’ scored 17 in their home leg and only 12 here, a massive 5 point swing, Michal’s ‘One Morning’ was 3 points down at 16 from 19 in the first leg, and many other images suffered a 3 point loss as well.

So tea break over we started on the prints, for me I felt the standard in the prints was superior to that of the projected images, lets see how the scores went.

6 images in and 5 held back! Indecisive or just great quality? 3 JMCC and 2 for the Outlaws, this was looking ominous. Out of the remaining 18 images there was a further 5 held back, 4 for the Outlaws and 1 for JMCC, so hopefully we would be ok.

The held images and their scores were;

Fallen – Ian – 19 (Mounting issue lost it a mark)

Gateway to despair – Scott – 18

Twilight descends on Cromer Pier – Chris – 18

Elgol, towards the Cuillins – Scott – 20

Looking out – Sue H – 17

Half a twin – Tom – 17

So at least one 20, James Maude also had a 20 with the Dandelion Clock girl.

Notable ‘swings’ in the points were;

Evil Queen from Rick dropping 3 points to 14, Rolling Hills from Steve Giles losing 4 points to 12 (very harsh in my opinion), Banska Stiavnica- UNESCO town losing 5 points from 18 to 13, wow! Lots of other swings downwards as well by a point here and there. Print totals on the night were;

James Maude = 190

Outlaws = 194

The overall battle total was 769 points for James Maude and 797 points for the Outlaws, a great victory and well done to all our members that took part.

A special thanks to James Maude and the judges of the two legs, Graham Haywood and Russ Daniels.

Ian Pinn

NOPS Chairman 2013

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