James Maude vs Nottm Outlaws PS – 1st Leg

Last night James Maude CC played host to ourselves in the first leg of our annual battle.
Here is a brief summary of the results.

The Projected Digitals were first up, each club fielding 12 entries, judge for the night was Graham Haywood from Beeston Camera Club.
We had 5 Digitals held back;
Dark Peak – Michal
Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool – Scott
One Morning – Michal
Sally Lightfoot Crab – Lester
Sliced and Diced – Scott

James Maude had only two images held back (Make a wish, a very nice backlit portrait of a girl with a dandelion seed head, and a Heron in flight)
Their held images scored 20 & 18, ours were as follows;
Dark Peak – 20
Goooooooool – 18
One Morning – 19
Sally Lightfoot crab – 18
Sliced and Diced – 19

So, a 6 point lead ensued after the first round, we had a break and then started with the prints.

Even better for us on this round, we had the same number of 5 held back images and JMCC had only 1.
Ours scored:
Twilight descends on Cromer pier – 20 – Chris Newham
Banska Stiavnica-UNESCO town – 18 – Michal
Elgol,towards the Cuillins – 20 – Scott
Fallen – 18 – Ian
Gateway to despair – 19 – Scott

James Maude’s picture scored 18
So, the print round gave us scores of; 193 JMCC and 210 to the Outlaws.So overall we take a 23 point advantage into our home leg.

Well done to all photographers and we are looking forward to home leg.

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