Trophy Night 2012

This is the time to celebrate all photographers who have won competitions during the year.

Trophies have been presented by Ian Pinn (Chairman) and  Steve Roper (Vice Chairman ).

Congratulations to all winners, especially  to Scott Wilson OUTLAW OF THE YEAR in both Print and Digital category !

To see Best of of NOPS 2012 click HERE.


Full list of 2012 competition winners :

Title Medium Photographer Competition Theme Judge Date
01a Autumn In The Glens Print Ian Pinn Member Choice members 26/01/2012
01b Silent Morning Digital Michal Tekel Member Choice members 26/01/2012
02a Scooby Trails Digital Ben Rawson Projected 1 Open Roy Maddison 23/02/2012
02b Grater Digital Steve Roper Projected 1 Theme Macro – Without Bugs & Flowers Roy Maddison 23/02/2012
03a Fallen Print Ian Pinn Print 1 Open Bob Rowe 29/03/2012
03b Spying Print Ben Rawson Print 1 Theme Artificial Light Bob Rowe 29/03/2012
04a PARROT TULIP Digital Steve Giles Projected 2 Open Malcolme Sales 26/04/2012
04b Wrench Digital Scott Wilson Projected 2 Theme Tools Malcolme Sales 26/04/2012
05a A Cold Morning At Derwent Reservoir Print Chris Newham Print 2 Open John McLean 31/05/2012
05b Lace Curtain Print John Purchase Print 2 Theme Circles John McLean 31/05/2012
06a Reach Digital Scott Wilson Projected 3 Open Ashley Franklin 28/06/2012
06b Gateway to Despair Digital Scott Wilson Projected 3 Theme Abandoned buildings Ashley Franklin 28/06/2012
07a Don’t Get Caught Out On Machinery Print Scott Wilson Print 3 Open Louise Walton 26/07/2012
07b Tidal Flow Print Ian Pinn Print 3 Theme MOTION BLUR Louise Walton 26/07/2012
08a San Juan De Gaztelugatxe Digital Scott Wilson Projected 4 Open Dave Gibbins 30/08/2012
08b Anger Digital Michal Tekel Projected 4 Theme beginning with A Dave Gibbins 30/08/2012
09a Fractures in sky & sea Print Chris Newham Print 4 Open Steve Myall 27/09/2012
09b Window Art Print Ian Pinn Print 4 Theme Contre Jour Steve Myall 27/09/2012
10a Politically Divided Digital Scott Wilson Projected 5 Open Bill Hall 25/10/2012
10b In Rememberance Digital Lester Woodward Projected 5 Theme Stripes Bill Hall 25/10/2012
11a Glistening In The Morning Light Print Chris Newham Print 5 Open Peter Yeo 22/11/2012
11b Broken man Print Ian Pinn Print 5 Theme Broken Peter Yeo 22/11/2012
12a Portfolio by Scott Wilson DC Comp Russ Daniels 13/12/2012
Print Scott Wilson Outlaw of the Year
Digital Scott Wilson Outlaw of the Year


All pictures by Rick Martindale