Report: Nottingham Outlaws third club print competition

Following Thursdays Outlaws third print competition of the year which saw a return from past club member Bob Richards as guest judge, internal competition Sectretary John Young presents his report on the proceedings.

We held our third 2017 monthly print competition on Thursday 27 July in which we welcomed, with thanks, to past member Bob Richards for his wise judging and informative comments, It really was a pleasure to see him return to our club.

It was very pleasing to see so many entries especially from newer members. There were 39 entries in the open section and 29 in this month’s theme which was ‘Panning- a technical challenge’. In the open section scores of 17 went to Tom Cross for ‘Considering the Image’ and Lois Webb for ‘Resident of the Lanes’. Jack Worsnop with ‘Mayan Serpents’ and Chris Houldsworth with ‘Flotsam’ got 18. Jack Worsnop with ‘Agapanthus’, Lester Woodward with ‘Just needs a Pearl Earring’ and Steve Roper with ‘Pelican in Flight’ got 19. Two scores of 20 were awarded, the first to John Young for ‘Woodland Autumn Mist’ and the winning image was Lester Woodward’s ‘Dawn Fisherman’.

In the themed section scores of 17 went to John Young for ‘Chasing Down the Leader’ and Phil Beckwith for ‘No Stopping Me’. Lester Woodward with ‘Cool Speedster’ and Lois Webb with ‘Swing Time’ got 18. Lester Woodward with ‘S740’, Lois Webb with ’Funfair Fun’ and also with ‘Basket Case’ scored 19. Again, two scores of 20 were awarded, the first to Lester Woodward for ‘IK95’ and for the winning image ‘Family Outing’ by Chris Houldsworth.

Well done to everyone who entered. It was an excellent evening’s viewing with some very good images.