NOPS 1st print competition report

Following an interesting print competition at the Nottingham Outlaws clubroom on Thursday in which Sue Hartley was welcomed back to the club as a judge, competition secretary John Young presents his usual report on the evening…

On Thursday 30th March we welcomed past club member Sue Hartley as judge for our first print competition. She gave an informative and wise commentary on our entries and it was good to have her back with us. There were 32 entries to the open competition and 26 entries to our theme of ‘Glad Rags and Hand Bags’.  We enjoyed seeing all the entries and congratulations to everyone for a high standard of images.

In the open scores of 17 were awarded to Tom Cross, Jack Worsnop, Lester Woodward, George Reilly and Lois Webb. Chris Houldsworth scored 18 with ‘Three Shires Head’ and ‘Hanoi Taxi’. 19 went to Lois Webb for ‘Castles of my Childhood’ and John Young for both his ‘The Heavens and the Earth’ and his ‘Honey Spoons’. Chris Houldsworth’s excellent and evocative image ‘Castle Sunrise’ came first with a score of 20. The detail and depth in the foreground water was beautiful.

In the Themed Competition scores of 17 were awarded to Tom Cross, Lois Webb and Steve Roper. A score of 18 went to Lois Webb for ’Miss Vintage’ and Tom Cross for ‘The Frock’. Lester Woodward scored 19 for ‘Indian Princess’ and the winner with a score of 20 was Jack Worsnop with his imaginative ‘Chameleon Handbag.

– John Young