NOPS 2017 NEMPF exhibition acceptance results

Following the 2017 annual NEMPF exhibition, the results are now in with some excellent acceptances from NOPS members, external competition secretary Lester Woodward presents his report.

The results are in from the 2017 NEMPF exhibition and it has to be said we performed reasonably well, in fact an acceptance rate of just under 30% is really good.  In addition Lois managed to bag a Highly Commended image and a Selectors Choice.

The accepted images are as follows.

Tom Cross     1 print nature:  

Coming In To Land

Steve Roper   2 digi colour:

Cromer Sunset & Milners Tower

Lois Webb     1 digi mono:

Mr Dawson

        2 print mono Doorstep Salesman


                Return To The Old Ways

        3 print col Amish Scooter Boy


                Me, Myself And I

                On The Ropes

Lester Woodward 3 digi colour:

Behind You, Kings Cross Rush Hour & Red Mistress

John Young 1 print colour:

The Heavens And The Earth

This totals 13 acceptances from 45 entries.

Well done to all those who had acceptances, lets strive for a few more next year!

1-mr-dawson-by-lois-webb 2-return-to-the-old-ways-by-lois-webb 5-amish-scooter-boy-by-lois-webb He's behind you 5-milners-tower-by-steve-roper 5-the-heavens-and-the-earth-by-john-young 6-cromer-sunset-by-steve-roper 6-cromer-sunset-by-steve-roper-1 6-me-myself-and-i-by-lois-webb 6-red-mistress-by-lester-woodward 7-kings-cross-rush-hour-by-lester-woodward 7-on-the-ropes-by-lois-webb 10-coming-in-to-land-by-tom-cross-jpg 1-doorstep-salesman-by-lois-webb