NOPS 5th digitally projected competition report

Following Thursday evenings DPI competition in the NOPS clubroom, competition secretary John Young presents his usual report.

We held our 5th digital projected competition for this year on the 27 October 2016. We were delighted to welcome Peter Cheetham back as our judge for the open and themed section ‘Can you guess what this is yet?’

Peter gave us his well informed and helpful comments on the images. In the open section a score of 17 went to Paul McKinley for his ‘Big Catch’, an image of a water bird. Eighteens went to Lois Webb for ‘Fushimi Inari Shrine’ and Sue Jackson for ‘Stairway to Safety’. Nineteen and section winner went to Lester Woodward for his ‘Crying on the Inside’. Peter thought this image was fine but he said a single pixel white frame would have helped the presentation by defining the edge of the image.

The theme which had generated much discussion within the club brought out a wide and interesting set of images. Seventeens were awarded to Lester Woodward for his creative shot called ‘Fork Forest’ and John Young for his ‘Eye of the Dragon’, a shot of rocks and sand on a beach. Eighteen went to Paul McKinley for his amusing image of a bird that seemed to be dancing, entitled ‘Name that tune’. Nineteen went to Lester again for his inventive image called ‘How to really make fusilli’. The section and overall winner was awarded to Tom Cross for his architecturally based shot called ‘somewhere in Berlin’.


– John Young


stairway-to-safety-by-sue-jackson somewhere-in-berlin-by-tom-cross name-that-tune-by-paul-mckinley how-to-really-make-fusilli-by-lester-woodward fushimi-inari-shrine-by-lois-webb fork-forest-by-lester-woodward dragon-eye-by-john-young crying on the inside big-catch-by-paul-mckinley