NOPS fourth print competition report

September the 29th saw us welcome judge Jacqui Grafton to the clubroom for the fourth print competition of the Nottingham Outlaws calendar that had both an open section and a themed section on the subject of ‘Sport’, internal competition secretary John Young presents his report…

“We held our forth print competition on 29th September. There were 19 entries in the open section and 20 in the section themed ‘Sport’. This was a little lower than our usual number of entries as many members are away from home or unavailable at the present. Congratulations to all who entered for an interesting and enjoyable set of prints. In the open section John Young got 18 for his photograph of the milky way called ‘The Heavens and the Earth’ and Lois Webb also got 18 for ‘Echoes of the Past’. Phil Beckwith got 19 for his photograph of a fake Rolex watch. Three twenties were awarded, two going to George Reilly for his ‘Garden Spider’ and ‘Chained Down’ and the third and section winner to Lois Webb for her ‘Doorstep Salesman’.

In the themed section Lester Woodward and Tom Cross got 17 for ‘Roller Derby Melee’ and ‘Rounding the Last Corner’. John Young got 18 for his image of a wake boarder entitled ‘Spinning Around’ and he and Tabby got 19 for ‘Three Down and One Up’ and ‘Kiteboarding’. Lois Webb gained two twenties for her excellent picture of a boxer called ‘On the Ropes’ and the overall winning image of a runner called ‘Me, Myself and I’. Thank you to our judge Jacqui Grafton for her excellent judging and wise and informative comments and to all who entered and gave us an entertaining evening.”

-John Young.


three-down-and-one-up-by-john-young the-heavens-and-the-earth-by-john-young spinning-around-by-john-young on-the-ropes-by-lois-webb me-myself-and-i-by-lois-webb kiteboarding-by-tabby garden-spider-araneus-diadematus-by-george-reilly fake-by-phil-beckwith echoes-of-the-past-by-lois-webb doorstep-salesman-by-lois-webb chained-down-by-george-reilly