NOPS 4th Projected Image Competition

Thursday night saw the club welcome judge Alan Young to the club for the DPI competition with an open and ‘derelict’ theme. Competition secretary John Young presents his report.

Our monthly competition held on 25th August had 27 entries in the Open section and 28 for the theme ‘Derelict’. The judge was Alan Young who did a fine job and gave an informative and interesting commentary on the images. Well done to all who entered for giving us an enjoyable evening with some excellent images. We used the new club projector for the first time and everyone commented on the greatly improved quality over the old projector. In the open section 17 went to Chris Houldsworth for Street Life and also Lester Woodward for Crying on the inside. 18 went to Steve Roper for Great Tit, Sue Jackson for Two’s Company and Lois Web for Bee Orchid. Lester Woodward got a 19 for his Kings Cross Rush hour and the best image for the whole evening went to Steve Roper for Swallows Feeding which was a skilfully captured image showing a great sense of movement. In the Themed section Chris Houldsworth got 17 for Room with a View. John Young got 18 for his image of Coventry Cathedral entitled Blown Out. 19 went to Lester Woodward for his Ghost Lady and the section winner was awarded to John Young for his ‘Spun for the Last Time’, another one of his rusty industrial heritage shots complete with spiders web.


TWO'S COMPANY by Sue Jackson SWALLOWS FEEDING by Steven Roper SPUN FOR THE LAST TIME by John Young ROOM WITH A VIEW by Chris Houldsworth OPHRYS APIFERA (BEE ORCHID) by Lois Webb KINGS CROSS RUSH HOUR by Lester Woodward GREAT TIT by Steve Roper GHOST LADY by Lester Woodward BLOWN OUT by John Young