Thursday evening at the Nottingham Outlaws saw Ken Wade welcomed to the club to judge the second projected competition of the year with a ‘hidden faces’ themed and an open section, competition secretary John Young presents his report.

On Thursday April 28th we held our second Projected Image round for the Outlaw of the Year competition. We had 32 entries to the open section and 24 entries under the theme of ‘Hidden Faces’. This proved to be a widely interpreted theme and elicited some very imaginative entries. Ken Wade the judge gave interesting and informative comments on the images. We were pleased to see entries from new members and the images were enjoyed by all. Congratulations must go to our youngest member, Reece Hodgkinson, who scored two 17s and showed a really imaginative image in the themed section. In the open section Paul McKinley scored 18 for his ‘Owl Focus’. Lester Woodward scored 19 for ‘Kings Cross Rush Hour’ and Lois Web scored the same for her ‘Mr Dawson’. Jack Worsnop scored 20 for his ‘Island Tree’ and the section and overall win went to Tom Cross for his colourful portrait ‘Just Sitting’.

In the theme section 18 was awarded to Phil Hodgkinson for the well seen ‘Forest Deer’ and also to Tabby for her street photograph ‘The Face of Friendship’. Nineteens went to Lois Webb for ‘Thai Sunblock’ and Steve Roper for ‘Stone Faced’ which was another well spotted image. Tom Cross had another success with 20 for his ‘Looking at the Taj’ and the section winner was Lester Woodward with his imaginative ‘Red Mistress’. Well done to all entrants for a very enjoyable competition.


ISLAND TREE by Jack Worsnop LOOKING AT THE TAJ by Tom Cross KINGS CROSS RUSH HOUR by Lester Woodward THE FACE OF FRIENDSHIP by Tabby MR DAWSON by Lois Webb RED MISTRESS by Lester Woodward OWL FOCUS by Paul McKinley THAI SUNBLOCK by Lois Webb STONE FACED by Steve Roper JUST SITTING by Tom Cros THE FOREST DEER By Phil Hodgkinson