After Sunday’s 2016 N&EMPF DPI competition held in Arnold, external competition secretary Lester Woodward presents his report after a brief message from club chairman George Reilly.

Another great competition in which the NOPS members have to be impressed with these results.
18 clubs entered and we’ve come 9th missing out by 1 point from going through to the second round.
For a club with a small membership, it’s clear we have a great “bulldog spirit” and I hope that 2016 brings on more challenges.
My thanks to Lester for arranging the necessary entries and paperwork and for those that attended, representing NOPS.

A great result. Well done to one and all.

-George Reilly


This Sunday saw us compete at the 2016 NEMPF DPI competition held at the Arnold Leisure Centre. A total of 18 clubs entered. Each club submitted a bank of 40 images, 16 of which are shown in the first round. Each image is scored by 3 judges (Ray Brammall, Keith Long and Bob Underhill) each judge giving a score between 2 and 5.

So to the scores, our 16 images scored as follows;




ASHES OF ROSE George Reilly 7
BBC John Purchase 11
CALOTES CALOTES Lester Woodward 12
CONSPIRATORS John Hodgkinson 11
HAIR FLICK Sue Jackson 10
INDIAN PRINCESS Lester Woodward 9
IVE DROPPED MY CAP Lester Woodward 10
LONG TAILED TIT John Purchase 10
LOOKING BACK John Hodgkinson 10
SHIPWRECK & AURORA Jack Worsnop 10
THE RACE Sue Jackson 10
TOWER BRIDGE Paul McKinley 10
TUBEWAYS John Purchase 10
WARMING UP John Purchase 10



So the first round concluded, interestingly no scores of 15 were given and only 2 scores of 14.

Natural history scored very well as did most of the “artistic” images and the continuing trend of landscapes scoring poorly continued.


So how did we do.



  1st Round 1st Round Pos Final Round  
Arnold and District CC 148 16    
Axholme CC 154 =13    
Beeston CC 156 =10    
Bolsover CC 154 =13    
Chesterfield PS 162 7 200  
Clay Cross PS 158 8 196  
Deepings CC 165 =5 204  
Horncastle and District PS 137 17    
Ilkeston photo 2000 club 170 4 200  
Long Eaton CC 136 18    
Matlock CC 151 15    
Newark and District PS 155 12    
Nottingham and Notts PS 180 2 216  
Nottingham Outlaws PS 157 9    
Peterborough PS 156 =10    
RB Lincoln CC 165 =5 207  
Rolls-Royce Derby PS 187 1 240 1st
Worksop and District PS 177 3 217 2nd


So as you can see we missed out on the final 8 by 1 point, which is a shame but it saved me from scurrying around picking images for the final round, and top 10 finish is pretty good for a club our size.

I urge you all to attend events like these, as you can see the sorts of images that do well and the styles that are in vogue, it gives you loads of ideas. Plus you get to chat with other keen toggers, I had a very interesting chat with the members from Axholme and Worksop, giving you even more ideas.

Oh and for the overall image winner “fox hunting” by Steve Williams, a great natural history shot of a fox arching into a leap on some small unsuspecting prey.


-Lester Woodward