Members Choice Competion 2016

The Nottingham Outlaws competition calendar began with the Members’ Choice Competition where Outlaws club members become the judge and decide the winning image.

The 2016 Competition year commenced with our annual Members’ Choice Competition. The competition is an open competition and for the first time this year, restricted to images that have not been entered in any previous NOPS competition. All the members attending on the competition evening score the photographs. This competition has two sections; the Print section and the Projected Digital Image (PDI) section.

After the members cast their eyes over and scored a fantastic selection of images, the results were collated and the winners of each section were announced.

The print section was won by John Purchase with his ‘Beautiful Blue’ pushing John Young’s snow picture ‘Field Lane Cropwell Bishop’  into second place before John Purchase hit the winners’ podium again with his third place ‘Everyone’s Friend’.

The projected image section continued to show what a great night John Purchase was having as his excellent atmospheric  ‘Diamond Web’ took top prize. Lester Woodward took second place with ‘Gossamer Eyes’ and Lois Webb gained third with her ‘Amish Scooter Boy’

A new arrangement for 2016 competitions means that images of all the entries will be posted in the NOPS drop box under the NOPS Member Share folder.

We look forward to the start of the Outlaw of the Year league as our First Projected Competition takes place on 25th February with the usual open and themed section. The theme will be ‘A Story in a Picture’

GOSSAMER EYES by Lester Woodward DIAMOND WEB by John Purchase EVERYONE'S FRIEND by John Purchase BEAUTIFUL BLUE by John Purchase AMISH SCOOTER BOY by Lois Webb FIELD LANE CROPWELL BISHOP by John Young