Outlaws Trophy Night 2015

Thursday December 17th saw the 2015 Trophy Night and pre-Christmas social event at the Richard Herrod Centre, home of the Nottingham Outlaws PS.

A good attendance level of members accompanied by a large selection of food, drinks and snacks promised an enjoyable evening on this, the final date of the year in the Nottingham Outlaws calendar, and at just past 8pm everyone was seated for the evenings event.

After chairman George Reilly opened the proceedings and congratulated members for a successful year, competition secretary John Young presented a short slideshow featuring a selection of images by members from the 2015 competition programme.


2015 NOPS slideshow

Following the slideshow tribute to members images, the evening swiftly continued with the trophy presentations for the year, with Lester Woodward and Bob Richards scooping the top awards of Outlaw of the year for print and DPI respectively. As well as the individual competition awards, Lois Webb took the honours on both members choice prizes and Phil Hodgkinson was awarded the Ken Appleby Monkhouse Memorial Trophy.

The full list of winners is as follows including a slideshow of the awards slides below:

Members choice award (print): Generations at home by Lois Webb

Members choice award (DPI): Kashgar Shortcut by Lois Webb

1st DPI open winner: She’s Leaving Home by Bob Richards

1st DPI themed winner: On the sideline by Michal Tekel

1st Print open winner: Red Cleopatra by Bob Richards

1st Print themed winner: Common Blue Damselfly by John Purchase

2nd DPI open winner:  Brighton Lights by Paul McKinley

2nd DPI themed winner: Monopolise by Steve Roper

2nd Print open winner: Red Cleopatra by Bob Richards

2nd Print themed winner: Penmon Lighthouse By Moonlight by Michal Tekel

3rd DPI open winner: Conspirators by John Hodgkinson

3rd DPI themed winner: Fruit loops by Lester Woodward

3rd Print open winner: BBC by John Purchase

3rd Print themed winner: Before The Dawn by Lois Webb

4th DPI open winner: BBC by John Purchase

4th DPI themed winner: Women Only by Lois Webb

4th Print open winner: A Book At Bedtime by Bob Richards

4th Print themed winner: Candyfloss Sunset by John Hodgkinson

5th DPI open winner: Grandad, Are We There Yet? by Lois Webb

5th DPI themed winner: Family On The Move by Tom Cross

5th Print open winner: Calotes Calotes by Lester Woodward

5th Print themed winner: Not Guilty by Bob Richards

David Cawthan Trophy (DPI): Chris Holdsworth

David Cawthan Trophy (Print): Lois Webb

Outlaw Of The Year (DPI): Bob Richards

Outlaw Of The Year (Print): Lester Woodward

Ken Appleby Monkhouse Memorial Trophy: Phil Hodgkinson


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NOPS 2015 Awards Slideshow