2015 David Cawthan Trophy report

Thursday evening saw the 2015 David Cawthan Memorial Trophy held at the Outlaws clubroom, competition secretary John Young presents his report on the evening.

On the 10th December we held our annual trophy in memory of David Cawthan who was one of our founding members. This competition takes the form of portfolios of six images. Members can present a print or a projected image portfolio or both. Eleven members entered projected portfolios and ten of these members also entered print portfolios. Peter Yeo did an excellent job of judging the images and made some informative comments. The projected images were shown first and for the first time we used two screens simultaneously. For each portfolio a small screen displayed all the images from the current portfolio, whilst each individual image was shown full size on the large screen. This seemed to be a very good way of presenting this contest. Peter held back six portfolios on the first viewing of the images and then on the second viewing he held the three portfolios belonging to Bob Richards, John Hodgkinson and Chris Houldsworth. The section winning place went to Chris Houldsworth for his excellent images. In the prints section the images belonging to Bob Richards, Chris Houldsworth, Lester Woodward, Lois Webb, Michal Tekel, Paul McKinley and Tom Cross were all held back. This number of held images demonstrates the high standard of entries for this contest. Lois Webb was awarded the section win and her prints were then judged against Chris’s projected images. Lois was awarded the overall trophy win. Well done Lois, an excellent set of images. This contest completes this year’s competitions and we look forward to our Trophy Presentation night next week. Good luck to everyone for next year’s competitions which start with the Members’ Choice competition.D


-John Young

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