NOPS & Sileby PS inter-club competition

Following the inter-club competition against Sileby Photographic Society, competition secretary John Young presents his report on the evening.

The 10th September saw our inter club competition with Sileby Photographic Society. We were pleased to welcome members from Sileby to our clubroom. Simon Hickie the judge commented on the high standard of all entries. Members enjoyed seeing 15 prints and 15 digital projected images from each club. It was interesting to see a wide variety of image styles including some really excellent Nature Photography. The winning entry for both sections came from Sileby, ‘Bullfinch in Frosty Morning’ for the PDI images and ‘Ringlet on Field Scabious’ for the prints. The final score for prints was 241 to NOPS and 250 to Sileby. For digital projected images Sileby scored 241 and NOPS got 236. Congratulations to Sileby on a well deserved win. They really did bring an excellent set of images to our club. We look forward to doing battle with them in the future.

Boulmer Beach Searchlights - Sileby PS Bullfinch in Frosty Morning - Sileby PS Mating Chequered Blue - Sileby PS