Latest NOPS KAMRA award nomination



The K.A.M.R.A award is the Kenneth Appleby Monkhouse Remembrance Award.

Ken along with David CAWTHAN and Steve ROPER was a founder member of the Nottingham Outlaws back in 1987, sadly now departed. It’s to his memory that we have this award. Ken always opted to support those that made an extra effort and to help and support the club.

The club committee nominates one person at three of the meetings held during the year with all three going forward to the end of the year selection. On trophy night one of the selected three will be awarded the K.A.M.R.A trophy.


I am pleased to announce the second nomination for the award is Phil HODGKINSON.

Whilst relatively new to the club, Phil picked up the gauntlet at the last A.G.M and took on the maintenance of our website, which due to many technical difficulties had become less than 100% efficient.


Not only has Phil got us back on track, where once more the website is fully up to date, he’s enhanced it with the use of the club’s “Facebook “ account. The stats produced for each meeting show that we’re having a very steady but constant stream of traffic checking “us” out, which is great news.

Phil’s also answered emails to prospective new members that have come through the website, and the feedback received are very much to his credit. They have praised Phil, not only for the level of detail in his response, but in the speed in which it has been done, something that many other clubs fail to do.


As Chairman this year, I extend you a very sincere thank you for all your effort and a very, very well done Phil.


phil 3

– George Reilly (Chairman) NOPS 2015