NOPS results for the N&EMPF Exhibition 2015

The catalogue is out, the exhibition is on display, and the results are in.

Well done to all the NOPS members who have submitted images, print or digital, in the 2015 N&EMPF Exhibition and a very hearty congratulations to all those that have had acceptances at any level.

This competition always appears to be stiff with this year being no exception. From the figures provided, we are advised that 36 clubs from the N&EMPF region entered with no less than 333 individual photographers taking part. Clearly it’s no mean feat to get an acceptance in to, what is really, one of the pinnacle dates of our photographic year. For any member that has tried, and I have, I can say that the standard is high but well worth the effort.

The Outlaw members, listed below have had acceptances and some have gained additional recognition. As Chairman, I am very proud, both of their individual achievement and their efforts, which have gone forward to promote our society.

Monochrome Print Section

The HISCOX TROPHY is a club award, celebrating the winners of the best Monochrome Prints. In my time at NOPS, I don’t believe that we have reached the top three in this category but this year we secured second, being beaten by Nottingham & Nott’s The combined images and efforts of Bob Richard’s (A Face Of Wisdom), Lois Webb (Gossip Girls), Michal Tekel’s (Whitby Abbey) and Ian Pinn’s (City Cycling) securing our position. Thank you all and extremely well done.

NOPS gained 5 acceptances in to the exhibition, with 1 image being reproduced in the catalogue.

Bob Richard’s            (A Face Of Wisdom),

Lois Webb                  (Gossip Girls),

Michal Tekel’s            (Whitby Abbey)

Ian Pinn’s                   (City Cycling)

John Young                (A Line Of Elderly Giants) (Cat P9)


Colour Print Section

NOPS gained 4 acceptances in to the exhibition, with 3 images being reproduced in the catalogue.

Rick Martindale         (Ghosts of the Pantheon)(Cat P15)

Ian Pinn                     (Cool Dawn)

Michal Tekel              (Glencoe Evening)(Cat P15)

Lois Webb                  (Waiting To Pray)(Cat P20)


Monochrome Projected Image Section.

NOPS gained 3 acceptances in to the exhibition, with 2 images being reproduced in the catalogue along with one being “Highly Commended” and one gaining a “Certificate of Merit”.

Ben Rawson               (Prayer Beads) (Cat P27)

Bob Richards             (Unrequited Love) (Highly Commended)

Ian Pinn                     (The Gatekeeper)(Certificate of Merit)(Cat P29)


Colour Projected Image Section

NOPS gained 6 acceptances in to the exhibition, with 2 images being reproduced in the catalogue. In addition, one gained a “Certificate of Merit”.

Bob Richards             (The Champion)(Certificate of Merit)(Cat P31)

Ian Pinn                     (Norfolk New Day)

Ian Pinn                     (Three Boats at Dawn)

Michal Tekel              (John The Tattoo Artist)

Michal Tekel              (Llanddwyn Island)

Steven Roper             (Fluid Colour) (Cat P36)


Again, congratulations to all participants, especially Bob and Ian for gaining special recognition for their wok in the form of their “Certificate of Merit” and the “Highly Commended” awards.

We had low entries and no acceptances in to the Nature Print and DPI’s sections, which given the number of good macro and wildlife photographers we have in our midst has surprised me. However, this gives us opportunity to expand in the 2016 exhibition.

A lot of hard work goes in to any event like this so I would also like to extend, on behalf of the Nottingham Outlaws Photographic Society, my sincere thanks to the following people: –

Ben Rawson for collating the images and entry forms on behalf of the individual NOPS members.

I would also like to extend our thanks to N&EMPF, Gary Langley and Louise Walton, and any other N&EMPF member who took time to compile and set up the exhibition and to the judges, Mike Sharples, Barbie Lindsay, Roy Millett, Chris Forster, Hazel Manning and Rusty Lindsay, who gave up their time to adjudicate on our work.


My commiserations go to any member that entered and failed to gain any acceptances this year. We now have until October 2015 to hone our skills ready for the 2016 exhibition. Good luck to all.


George Reilly

Chairman 2014-2015

Nottingham Outlaws Photographic Society


A selection of the acceptances:

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