Interclub Competition Melbourne PS v NOPS

This week saw our annual interclub competition with Melbourne Photographic Society (MPS), the judge was Bill Hall.

Bill had his work cut out with the quality of images on offer in both the prints and the PDI section.

We started off a bit slow, by the time the we were a half way through the judging of the prints we’d only had two held back, but then the pace picked up and by the end of the first round we had seven held back.

MPS only had four held back.

Bill gave his final scoring, giving John Purchase’s Eye of the Iguana, Sue Hartley’s Imprisoned and Lester Woodward’s Lotus picker 20 each, choosing Lester’s photo as his overall winner for he section.

This gave us the edge and we won this section 224 point to MPS’s 209

We then went onto the PDI part of the competition, with this section we started off considerably stronger, by the time we were a third of the way through we had three images held back to MPS’s one.

Again when we finished the first round of scoring with the PDIs we had more held back than MPS, six to their three.

Bill gave two photos 20 points, Sue Hartley’s Leafcutter Ants and one of MPS’s called Lighthouse Storm, this was also given the section winner.

NOPS won the PDI section 251 points to MPSs 243

Final scores were…

NOPS Print 224

MPS Print 209



NOPS Overall 475

MPS Overall 452

A resounding win for NOPS.


We would like to thank MPS for hosting this year competition and welcome them to our venue on November 12 2015.



NOPS Comp Sec 2014