October PDI Competition

Octobers PDI competition saw another outstanding set of photographs for our judge Bill Hall to go through.

As usual Bill had his work cut out in selecting his winning images.

Bill held back over 40% of the images in the open section for a second viewing and with the top 2 images he couldn’t split them so gave them both 20, having done this we pushed him for an section winner and he gave to to Lois’ Concrete Portal, this is a great shot showing symmetry and a good recession of concrete posts split by green hedges.

The other 20, and just missing out was Ben’s Prayer Beads.

The themed section this month, was Panels, the ruling was that there had to be at least 3 images to make up the panel, but each member could have as many they liked so long as they fitted onto the one slide.

Again holding back over 40% of the images for a second viewing Bill had his work cut out in scoring these panels.

As with all panel competitions Bill looked at the strengths in each individual image and how well the gelled as a whole, the images that were held back were all great sets of photos.

Bill chose Lois’ Kashgar Shortcuts as the section and overall competition winner, this is a series of 3 photos taken down the same alley in Kashgar showing different people in each, a great set of image, so a very well done to Lois for wiping the board in winning both sections.

A special mention also goes out to Jack, Jack is a new member and this was the first competition where he entered images, he had all 4 submissions held back for a second viewing, this is no mean feat which isn’t often accomplished even by some of our seasoned members, so well done to Jack too.


Comp Sec 2014