Mitch and Stella pictures featured in Volkswagen Driver magazine

In case anyone failed to notice, Stella is a keen VW fan, a long-term member of Club GTI and a moderator on their forum. There can’t be many NOPS members who’ve not been made to look at pictures of her Golfs in various stages of modification!

Several times a year, Stella drags along anyone she can to share in her enthusiasm for fast and furious VWs at various motor sport events. In September she was asked to photograph the club’s event at Curborough sprint track, as the magazine’s photographer was covering another event.

On this occasion she took along a couple of NOPS members, including Mitch Tuffill, who normally produces exquisitely detailed pictures of butterflies, bees and other tiny creatures for our competitions.

The track at Curborough is B-shaped, with a short straight along one side and some interesting bends and chicanes on the other. The cars do not race against each other, but against the clock. Some of the cars are people’s daily transport whilst others are specially prepared track cars. The majority of them are early Golf GTIs, but with a sprinkling of other VWs, Audis, Seats and even the odd BMW. All good German stuff, thrown around the track in hair raising fashion by some very brave – or foolhardy – drivers.

November’s edition of Volkwagen Driver features a three-page spread of Stella’s and Mitch’s photographs, which no doubt they will be more than pleased to show off to you any time you ask.

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